All Natural. Maternal. Efficient.

Welcome To Pine Tree Ranch.

Pine Tree Ranch is a 625-acre ranch in Coushatta, LA, and includes additional grazing ranges in East Point, LA, Bradley, AR, & Cameron, TX. We are home to a strong herd of Black Angus cattle, which includes over 100 registered and 300 commercial cows.

Our cowherd thrives on forage, reproduces readily, calves easily, and raises high quality calves without the need or use of antibiotics or growth enhancing hormones. We have selected particular cattle traits to produce animals that are efficient in our range environment and thrive by feeding themselves.

Our philosophy is that our cowherd must consistently and efficiently convert our basic grass resource to quality beef. We select for cattle that are well balanced and highly functional. Practicing this philosophy has refined our cowherd into low maintenance yet productive cattle that flesh easily and have high carcass quality in traditional feedlot, forage-fed, or grass-finished programs.

Please enjoy our site, visit regularly, and drop us a line if you would like more information.